SAVEDx made its debut at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in early 2019. The custom installation for our SAVEDx VALDEZ series from artist Vincent Valdez is featured at HARDWARE: The MASS MoCA Store in conjunction with Valdez’s inclusion to Suffering from Realness [curated by Denise Markonish]. Based on the Valdez painting, Till Then (canvas/oil, 2015), the limited-edition shoes can be purchased via MASS MoCA and select museums for the remainder of 2019. A portion of proceeds will help fund the Smithsonian Undergraduate Internship Program.

SAVEDx Valdez_Mass MoCA.jpg
MASS MoCA Museum 2.jpg

Debut at L.A. Market/Summer 2019

Jan. 14-16, 2018 marks the debut for SAVEDx at LA Market. We were fortunate to be a featured designer at Findings Showroom, home to Ulla Johnson, Xirena, Velvet by Graham & Spencer, Isabel Marant Étoile, and Birds of Paradis. Our thanks go out to the Findings team and all those who stopped by to show their interest & support. More to come~

Vincent Valdez Introduces First Edition from SAVEDx

An engaging conversation at The Blanton Museum of Art between NPR's Maria Hinojosa and SAVEDx Partner Artist Vincent Valdez concluded with a gift of our first edition, Till Then. Per Maria, "It was a light moment in an otherwise very serious conversation about artists, art, social justice, hyper-realism, racism, changing the narrative, owning your voice & spirit of an artist who never gives up."

Catch the entire interview regarding Vincent's controversial piece, The City, below. [The shoes make an appearance in the last couple minutes of the video]