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SAVEDx is born from artist collaboration, dedicated to the production of thoughtfully-constructed, unique items. The premise is art education saved by design, as a portion of all proceeds go toward art education programs in North America. Partners include the Smithsonian Undergraduate Internship Program and MindPop, an organization helping children of all backgrounds receive an arts-rich education.


We’ve long admired the functional, casual demeanor of the slip-on, we just couldn’t find the style details and comfort we envisioned. The Standards are designed with cushioned leather insoles, distinct colorways and a softer, lighter feel for improved wearability.


Our showroom is open by appointment. Current inventory includes shoes & artwork from Vincent Valdez and SKUs from the Standards collection, Summer/Fall 2019.

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Within Limits is our partner series established alongside museums and established artists. Our first edition features Vincent Valdez, whose work has been exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Parsons School of Design Paris, OSDE Buenos Aires and The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery. An adaptation from the Vincent Valdez painting, Till Then (2015), is limited to 500 pairs. The shoes are currently featured at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.



Till Then |  Vincent Valdez | 500 pairs

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We think art matters; we align with artists, institutions, and retailers who view the intersection of art and commerce as an opportunity to give back. The Smithsonian Undergraduate Internship Program, in conjunction with East Los Angeles College and the Vincent Price Art Museum, benefits from the Vincent Valdez edition. The program fosters Latino leadership in the arts, sciences and humanities via the Smithsonian Institution and its resources. SAVEDx is also partnered with MindPop Executive Director, Dr. Brent Hasty. MindPop has been recognized with grants from the Kennedy Center and National Endowment for the Arts, steadfast in its mission to help children from all backgrounds benefit from an arts-rich education. For additional information, please reach out via the contact form below.